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You are thinking about doing a boudoir session but don't know exactly what it's all about, or you are nervous about so many things you can't even start naming them all! I get it.

You have went through my galleries, through the investment page and are still trying to talk yourself into this by reading a little more!

Whether you are doing these pictures for a holiday, your upcoming wedding, or your partners' birthday, these pictures are for you. I want you to see how beautiful you truly are! You'll look back at them in 10yrs and say, yeah that was me.

If you are a mom this might be a huge step for you, even the thought on spending money on yourself and not your family might be hard, but ask yourself... Don't I deserve this? Just remember everyone is nervous and excited about their session, don't let nerves scare you!

RETOUCHING : Yes I retouch all the photos you see. Say goodbye to stretchmarks, cellulite, unwanted tattoos and blemishes! So what other excuse do you have for me?

But I want to lose 10 more lbs! - Listen, we all want to lose weight, we all have that extra 5+lbs to lose to make us happy. Be honest with yourself, it's just an excuse not to do this right now. I know how to pose you in order to make you look your very best! Say goodbye to those 10lbs just by posing you in the correct ways..

You Book your Session - contracts/pay your sitting fee via paypal
The sessions usually start about 10:30 am and I am opened everyday. At my studio my makeup artist will make you look flawless. She has had classes with the best makeup artist in the world! The shoot takes about an 1hr 1/2 to shoot, depending on the outfits you have brought. I have some pieces of lingerie and heels in my studio for you to wear if you would like.